Choose the Right Garbage Bins to Assist Recycling and Keep Confidential Information Secure

Choosing the right garbage bins can make a huge difference to an office business. Despite the way that computers have developed, the paperless office is decades away, Confidential information is still routinely handled by office workers and every single document needs to be disposed of securely. Recycling has also become much more popular as a way to deal with paper flows and companies that don't recycle are few and far between. Both recycling and security require reliable waste management processes.

In other words, garbage bins matter. Here's how to create a paper disposal strategy that minimises risk and allows you to recycle office materials efficiently.

Separate Sensitive from Ordinary Documents

Security should be every company's number one concern. In 2015, around 800,000 Australians experienced identity theft. Don't let your company become an accomplice.

However, there's no sense in shredding every document your office uses. Instead, have clear processes in place to identify sensitive papers and storage bins for different types of document. Items that don't require processing can either be reused in the office or sent to specialist paper recycling bins. These bins can be hired from waste disposal companies, who will ensure that every item of waste is recycled.

Always Shred Sensitive Documents

In some cases, documents are sensitive enough to require shredding. If you work in the legal profession or handle paper documents containing clients' private information, it's vital to have reliable shredding equipment on site and available for all staff members to use. Whenever you have to protect confidential information it makes sense to choose either cross-cut or micro-cut shredders. Don't skimp on costs by buying a low-end domestic device. The thin strips created by basic shredders can easily be retrieved and reassembled by identity thieves.

Use a Secure Garbage Disposal System

If you produce boxes full of shredded documents, the next step is to dispose of them securely. The most reliable way to do so is by either purchasing or hiring secure garbage bins. Front-lift bins with secure locks are the best option. Don't rely on wheeled-bins with simple flap openings. They aren't just easy to access, wildlife or strong winds can blow them over easily, requiring a clean-up and posing additional security risks.

Track Your Waste Until it is Destroyed

Sensitive office waste can be secured with the right skip bin hire, but what happens after the waste is removed from your premises? The safest course of action is to hire bins from waste disposal companies with experience in dealing with sensitive documents. They will transfer your waste into firmly locked carry cases and provide the ability to track those case at all times. When it comes to destroying waste, they should be able to do so according to guidelines laid down by you, the client, without leaving any client information for thieves to discover.

By working with specialist bin hire companies, you can create a two-track paper disposal system that maximises recycling and ensures security. It might entail extra initial costs, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the investment.