Considerations for Selecting a Residential Garbage Bin

Poor management of waste in the residential environment can be detrimental to the household. Putrefying food scraps and fruit debris will attract pests that can transmit diseases and cause damage to your home. In addition, the rubbish will lower the aesthetics of your interior and exterior space. Therefore, it is critical to establish a good waste handling system in your home. The most important element in a management plan is a garbage bin.

The module will allow you to collect all the waste in a single containment, preventing littering and making collection easier. Ideally, you should hire a skip bin from a waste management company. They will deliver the container, pick it when it is full and replace it with an empty one. Alternatively, you can purchase your own garbage bin, and the waste collector will pick up the rubbish in a plastic bag. Either way, consider these aspects before choosing an ideal bin.

Container Size

You should evaluate the waste disposal requirements in your home before selecting the ideal garbage bin. The assessment will help you to accurately determine the best container size that can accommodate the cumulative residential waste. You should remember that a small bin will force you to upgrade or replace the item prematurely, and you will pay for unused space if you choose a larger container. You should consider requesting for sizing services from your waste manager. Alternatively, you can calculate the average volume and weight of your current waste and compare with the available bins. You should overestimate slightly to account for unexpected fluctuations.


The residential setting yields both recyclable and non-recyclable waste materials. It is important to make certain that the recyclable materials are handled well so that they can be utilised in creating new products. You can choose to acquire two separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. This is a convenient option because it makes disposal and sorting of recyclable materials easier. If you want to hire a skip bin, you can get two smaller ones instead of a single large one for this purpose. You can also make savings on waste collection by having a personal bin for gathering recyclable materials and dropping them off at designated recycling points.

Lid Configuration

You should evaluate the lid options for garbage bins before purchase or official hire. Generally, traditional skip bins do not have covers, but you can inquire about alternatives if you are set on concealing the trash. If you are purchasing a garbage can, you can choose lift-top or swing-top lids for maximum convenience.

For more information, contact a local bin hire company.