Be Sure to Ask These Questions Before Renting a Skip Bin

A skip bin can be used for a large scale spring cleaning of your home, for a renovation project, or for any type of cleanout that will produce more rubbish than what you can easily toss out with your everyday trash. Skip bins are available in a wide range of sizes and models, so you're sure to find something that can accommodate your needs when it comes to debris to be removed. Before you decide on a skip bin hire, however, you want to ensure you go over all the details needed with the rental agency. Note a few questions to ask before you sign any paperwork.

1. What are the restrictions as to where the bin can be placed?

If you're cleaning up any type of public building or protected nature area, there may be strict rules about where the bin can be located. In some cases you may not be able to keep the bin close to a public building with regular foot traffic or on a protected nature area where it might damage the environment. On your own property, there may be restrictions about parking the bin in the road or anywhere where it might be a hazard. Be sure you ask about any regulations that affect where a bin can be placed before you choose a rental.

2. Are their restrictions on heavy materials?

Heavy materials may weigh down a skip bin and damage its casters or wheels, so if you're tossing out any of these materials, you may be required to upgrade to a sturdier bin. These heavy materials may include brick, concrete, roofing tiles, any type of stone including paver tiles or granite countertop remnants, or asphalt. If your renovation or cleanup project involves anything that is heavier than standard rubbish or wood, be sure you ask about this so you don't face added fees.

3. Can they recycle your items?

Why have your rubbish wind up in a landfill when it can be recycled or salvaged? If you ask before renting a skip bin, you may find that you can get different bins for different types of recyclable products, or may find that the company will recycle your mixed items as long as you keep out other types of rubbish. If you're very eco-conscious and want to reduce your contribution to local landfills, be sure you ask about your options for recycling and what's required of you in order to have your items salvaged.